The Arson / Investigations Division is comprised of a small cache of highly trained Specialized Investigators that are charged with Fire and Explosion investigations along with specialized enforcement duties throughout the district.


All of the Investigators are Sworn Peace Officers per California Penal Code Section 830.37(a). Just like all Peace officers they  regularly receive law enforcement use of force, legal training and shooting range qualifications throughout the year in order keep in compliance with the California Peace Officers Standards of Training (P.O.S.T)
It is the sole responsibility of these investigators to determine the "Cause and Origin" on all fires within the district . Once the Cause and Origin has been determined the Investigators must determine if the fire was "Incendiary".  These "Incendiary" fires are commonly referred to as "Arson" and pose a real and direct threat to lives and property. If a fire is investigated and determined to be Arson the Arson division has the responsibility to conduct a complete law enforcement investigation with the intent of apprehending any suspects and seeing the case all of the way through the criminal justice system.
Tips and Leads will be kept confidential at your request.
Please contact the Arson / Investigations Division with any information, leads or tips
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In 2013 several local agencies came together under a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U) establishing the Eastern Sierra Arson Taskforce.
The intent of this agreement was to make specialized resources available to all of the participating agencies for the purpose of Arson Investigation and Enforcement of Fire Law    (CA Fire Code, Penal Code, Health and Safety Code Etc...) The Taskforce brings together a unique skill set covering all aspects of Investigative specialties, these cover all ranges from wildland fire cause to complex fire death investigations.